Placeholder person
Name Senara
Gender female
Family Bendeigid (father)
Rheis (mother)
Eilan (sister)
Ardanos (grandfather)
Dieda (aunt)
Gawen (nephew)
First The Forest House
Last The Forest House
Cause killed or captured by raiders

Senara was the daughter of Bendeigid and Rheis, sister of Eilan, grand-daughter of Ardanos and nice to Dieda. She and her mother were either killed or captured by raiders. Her fate remained unknown to her family members.

Biography Edit

Senara was born to Bendeigid and Rheis and raised in their house along her older sisters Mairi and Eilan as well as her aunt Dieda.

One stormy night, raiders broke into their house while Bendeigid, Eilan and Dieda were not at home, taking Rheis and Senara and burned down their house. Believed to have either died or already taken to Eriu, Bendeigid and Senara's adpoted brother accepted Gaius' offer to help them avenge Rheis and Senara. After killing the leader of the raiders they learned that both were taken to Eriu. It was never revealed if they survived the journey or were killed afterwards.

Legacy Edit

Senara's apparent death was the main reason for Bendeigid and Ardanos to put bith Eilan as well as Dieda into serving the Godess to prevent them from any harm.

Years later after her disappearance, a girl who was fleeing from Roman prosecution was put into refuge by Ardanos. Seeing the similarities in appearance and charater both Lhiannon and Ardanos agreed to accept Eilan's demand to call her Senara. Giving her the name Senara Eilan immediately made a connection with her, finally having found someone who was like her little sister.