Placeholder person
Name Rheis
Gender female
Family Bendeigid (spouse)
Eilan (daughter)
Senara (daugther)
Ardanos (father-in-law)
Dieda (sister-in-law)
Gawen (grand-son)
First The Forest House
Last The Forest House
Cause killed or captured by raiders

Rheis was the wife of Bendeigid and mother to Eilan. She was also daughter-in-law of Ardanos, sister-in-law to Dieda, mother to Senara and adoptive mother to Cedric. Through Eilan's lover Gaius she became grandmother to Gawen, later the first of the new Merlins that arose after the destruction of [[[Vernemeton]].

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Not much is known about Rheis before the family's accuaintance with Roman soldier Gaius Severus. Rheis grew up in Albion and met druid Bendeigid, son of the future arch-druid Ardanos. Sometime after her marriage she became mother of three daughters: Mairi, Eilan and Senara.

Unknown to her daughters she raised together with her husband a child named Cedric who was conceived during the raid on the Isle of Mona and was thus half-Roman and half-Briton. He was left alive to ensure the revenge for the killed druids, raped and murdered priestesses of the Godess and called "The Ravens".

Many years later she made accuaintance with Gaius Severus, a Roman soldier who went under the name "Gawen" to hide his identity from his saviours. Gaius had to stay several weeks until he fully recovered his injuries and Rheis and the others made a connection with him.

After Gaius' departure and during the abscence of Bendeigid, Mairi and Eilan their home was attacked by raiders from Eriu. She was either captured or killed along with her younger daughter during the raid. Her fate remained unknown.