Placeholder person
Name Lhiannon
Gender female
Title Lady of the Forest House
High Priestess of Vernemeton
Affiliation Priestesses of Mona
Sanctuary of Vernemeton
First Ravens of Avalon
Last The Forest House
Cause died of old age

Lhiannon was high priestess of Vernemeton.

Biography Edit

Lhiannon was born before the reign of queen Boudicca. Little of her early life is unknown until she became high priestess of the Forest House (also known as Vernemeton).

Lhiannon was a priestess and lived on the Isle of Mona until 61 A.D. after the Romans invaded the Isle, murdered the druids and raped the priestesses (with the exception of Lhiannon who was absent at that time). Ardanos, a druid and close friend, was the one who cared for Lhiannon after the shock of the revelation of the massacre. From her journey to Eriu she brought back a little girl named Caillean, her most trustful priestess as it should turn out in Lhiannon's later years.

Her closest friend, Queen Boudicca, tried to avenge not only her family's oppression but also the murdered druids and priestesses (after the rape most priestesses became pregnant and after or even before giving birth commited suicide). Boudicca finally failed and died in prison before being punished.

Lhiannon and Ardanos made a treaty with the Romans: freedom for the priestesses in exchange for political withdrawl and living in seclusion. This was the foundation of the sanctuary of Vernemeton of which Lhiannon became High Priestess.

When she lay dying she proclaimed Eilan as her successor, surprising everyone, even Caillean.

Legacy Edit

Lhiannon's death affected current Arch-druid Ardanos and caused the beginning of the fall of Vernemeton. Eilan was pregnant and her pregnacy had to be hidden from the priestesses in Vernemeton as well as from the Romans. Dieda replaced Eilan during her final weeks of pregnacy and left Vernemeton after Eilan's secret return. Everyone thought Dieda gave birth to a child.

Twelve years later the ploy was uncovered by Dieda and Bendeigid and Eilan and Gaius were killed before the Romans attacked the sanctuary. Thanks to Caillean the remaining priestesses and Gawen, Eilan's son, went to the last remaining sanctuary, Avalon.