Placeholder person
Name Dieda
Gender female
Family Ardanos (father)
Bendeigid (brother)
Rheis (sister-in-law)
Eilan (nice)
Senara (nice)
Gawen (grandnephew)
Cynric (lover)
Affiliation Vernemeton
First The Forest House
Last The Forest House
Cause suicide

Dieda was the daughter of Ardanos and aunt to Eilan. She became priestess in the Forest House along with Eilan after the apparent death of her sister-in-law and her nice. When Eilan got pregnant and became the Lady of the Forest House Dieda was involved in a plot to cover Eilan's birth-giving abscence. After that she was expelled and lived for some years in Eriu.

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Abscence and return Edit

Eilan's final days Edit

Death Edit

After having betrayed her nice and caused her death Dieda commited suicide the same night later. Her body was found by the remaining priestesses.