Placeholder person
Name Cynric
Gender male
Born c. 61 A.D.
Family Bendeigid (adoptive fatehr)
Rheis (adoptive mother)
Eilan (adoptive sister)
Senara (adopive sister)
Ardanos (adoptive grandfather)
Affiliation The Ravens
First The Forest House
Last The Forest House
Cause killed by Huw

Cynric was the son of a priestess of the isle of Mona and one of the Roman soldiers who invaded the island and raped the priestesses. He was allowed to live (unlike the girls who were drowned) and adopted by Bendeigid, son of Arch-druid Ardanos, and his wife Rheis.

Biography Edit

Birth and Death of his mother Edit

Cynric was born nine months after the Massacre at the Isle of Mona, being a child conceived while his mother had been raped during the attack. After giving child birth his mother committed suicide, not wanting to live anymore.

Cynric was given under care to Bendeigid, the son of Arch-druid Ardanos who had survived the massacre along the High Priestess Lhiannon.

Living with Bendeigid Edit

Meeting Gaius Edit

The raid and revenge Edit

Leader of the Resistance Edit

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Capture and Freedom Edit

Death Edit

Demanding from Eilan protection which she denied he slapped her across the face. Huw, Eilan's personal guard, saw this as an attack on his mistress and killed Cynric with a blow of his axe. Cynric was immediately dead and left both Eilan and Dieda shocked.