Placeholder person
Name Caillean
Gender female
Family unnamed mother
Title Lady of Avalon
Affiliation Vernemeton
First The Forest House
Last Lady of Avalon
Cause died

Caillean was a priestess of Vernemeton during the time of the high priestesses Lhiannon and Eilan. After the destruction of Vernemeton she became high priestess and lady of Avalon.

Biography Edit

Caillean was born in Eriu and raised in a village near the sea. One day she was raped by a man she knew and became an outsider of her village. Before she could commit suicide she was rescued by Lhiannon, the Lady of the Forest House at Vernemeton in Albion. Seeing that she could leave her past behind Caillean accepted Lhiannon's offer to go with her to become a priestess. Although Lhiannon became like a mother to Caillean she hid the fact that she was raiped until she met Eilan and finally took Eilan's advice to tell Lhiannon of this.